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Replacement Policy

  1. 1. Unsold Replacement :
  2. a. are available as pertype of business associations, and,
  3. b. as per respective products and mentioned with every product on
  4. 2. In addition to above certainties,Replacement of inventory can only be accepted up to 70% of contracted replacement inventory within 30 days from bill date which is mentioned with every product.
  5. a. For example if one catalogue have 12 designs and contracted replacement terms are that only 50% can be replaced which means only 6 designs can be replaced but as per acceptance terms of replacement only 4 inventory can be accepted within 30 days from the bill date.
  6. Designs in
    Terms for replacement for this
    catalogue - 50%
    Acceptance Terms for replacement within
    30 days from bill date - 70%
  7. 3. Any money will not be refunded in case of replacement.
  8. 4. Difference amount should be paid by business associate if new catalogue/product is of higher price than previous whereas if vice versa no change will happen and old price applicable.
  9. 5. For all type of return and replacement, price tag, barcode tag, QR code tag, size tag, name tag, brand tag, packaging, stickers, original bill, etc of the inventory should be returned with the inventory otherwise cost will be recovered from respective business associates.
  10. 6. Products with free gift item should also be sent back together.
  11. 7. Material Disapproved for replacement will be returned to associate at their cost.
  12. 8. Dispatch and transport of Unsold Replacement by associate: Please see in shipping policy section.