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Replacement Policy

  1. 1. Material for unsold replacement should reach to us within Sixty (60) days. No replacement will be provided for any material received after 60 days. In some remote areas the time limit will be ninety (90) days.
  2. 2. Indian Dealer/Franchise has to bear to and fro shipping charges of the material to be replaced.
  3. 3. A buyer has to complete Minimum Monthly Purchase or one transaction as per the type of the Business Association to become eligible for unsold replacement.
  4. 4. Unsold material will be replaced with material only and in no case money will be refunded. Unsold replacement will be provided through Dealer/Franchise Replacement Store only.
  5. 5. Franchisor shall be entitled to reject unsold replacement upon happening of one or more of following:
  6. a. Material received after specified time limit of sixty or ninety days depending upon the area of franchise.
  7. b. Material received for replacement found defective or damaged
  8. c. Material received for replacement found unmatched with the material purchased
  9. d. If Franchise tries to replace material purchased from other vendor. In such case Franchisor may terminate this agreement as per the provisions of this agreement.
  10. 6. Unsold material received for replacement should be in good condition and original packing. Repacking charges will be deducted from the account of Franchise in case of damaged packing.
  11. 7. Material Disapproved for replacement will be returned to you at your cost.
  12. 8. Some Catalogues/Singles are non-replaceable and therefore please check the status of replacement policy of that product before placing order. Replacement policy will always be displayed with the product exhibit.