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Deals And Offers Policy

  1. 1. At, we are always committed to provide you best deals and offers.
  2. 2. Deals and Offers are categorised into following categories:
  3. a. Discount
  4. b. Cash back
  5. c. Free Gift
  6. 3. Discounts offered with any product will be deducted immediately in your order.
  7. 4. Cash back will be provided to you in terms of Cash Back Coupons. These coupons can be redeemed in your next orders depending upon the validity and terms and conditions of the coupon.
  8. 5. You will be able to redeem the cashback coupons only in the purchases made through the registered account.
  9. 6. In case you do not accept the order or choose to return some of the products, corresponding cashback coupon will not be credited to your cash back coupon account.
  10. 7. The cashback amount will be available only for 3 months from date of transaction. If the amount is not utilized within 3 months, your cash back will be automatically expires.
  11. 8. The cashback offer can only be used for discount against orders on and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other offer.
  12. 9. No other offer can be clubbed to cash back offer during redemption.
  13. 10. Cash back coupons cannot be redeemed in the purchase of any product available with offers.
  14. 11. Free gifts offered with products will be generally delivered with the product ordered by you.
  15. 12. Free Gift, if not available due to any unavoidable reason, your order will be delivered without free gift. Free Gift will be despatched to you in your next order. In such cases you may also ask us to deliver product without order at your shipping cost.
  16. 13. Free Gift, if not available and not possible to arrange, you will be offered various option against your free gift.
  17. 14. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer or completely withdraw it without any prior notice.