General Terms & Conditions

  1. 1.   The general term "Business Associate" or "Associate" is used for person, firm, or company associated with Dynamic Microlink Pvt. Ltd, its brands, or subsidiaries for the purpose of any form of business, or business opputunity.
  2. 2.   The agreement will be signed between "Business Associate" and Dynamic Microlink Pvt. Ltd, its brands, or subsidiaries.
  3. 3.   An Associate is allowed to register for one type of business opportunity.
  4. 4.   An Associate is allowed to register only once for one type of business opportunity.
  5. 5.   Unhygienic Business Practices: Any type of return of Used, defective, damaged, unmatched products, products of other vendors and activities breaching the terms and conditions.
  6. 6.   We are doing quality control checks of our inventory at every level of production and multiple checks before packaging and we ensure safe delivery of goods to our business associates, so any request of damaged inventory will be considered as suspicious business association and will be investigated thoroughly.
  7. 7.   If we found unhygienic business practice from any of our business associate, we will further stop relationship and business with that business associate without any prior notice, no money will be refunded only goods will be provided after recovering the losses and these goods will be of choice of
  8. 8.   It is the responsibility of business associate to provide correct address with landmarks, we will not be responsible for delay or loss due to delay in delivery or no delivery due to Address not found, Business closed, Customer Unavailable, Inaccessible Location, Wrong Address, No Secure Location, parcel not accepted by customer, etc., if this happened again, refund will be initiated after deducting the all delivery charges for both sides, and further business will be stopped.
  9. 9.   If reason for no delivery is parcel not accepted by customer, no money will be refunded and further business will be stopped, remaining payment will be blocked.
  10. 10.   Payment will be upfront through, NEFT, RTGS, bank deposit, Credit Card, debit card, cheque, etc., and inventory will be supplied after realization of payment and availability of products.
  11. 11.   All rights regarding any policy is reserved with the and Dynamic group of companies.
  12. 12. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions related to any policy at any time without prior notice.
  13. 13.   Availability of inventory will be communicated before acceptance of purchase order which will not be considered as any business or any guaranty for supply of inventory.
  14. 14.   Special orders will be accepted with advance payment and these orders cannot be cancelled and no money will be refunded, moreover all the ordered items will be dispatched with no return, exchange, or replacement condition only after recovering whole cost. If the items dispatched as per condition mentioned in this point do not accepted or returned by business associate same will not be dispatched again.
  15. 15.   MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity terms are applied.
I hereby confirm that I have understood the above terms and conditions. I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.