Prime Dealer

The Concept: Key Benefits :

  1. 1 . All benefits of Dealer.
  2. 2 . All benefits of Resellers.
  3. 3 . Credit Limit after 3 months.
  4. 4 . Free referrals.
  5. 5 . For more on Prime Membership.
Prime Dealer Membership Benefits
Prime Membership Offer :
Buy products Rs.100000/- Rs.3000/- or more in a month and get prime membership free for 30 days: Currently no commitment
  • 100% Cash Back.
  • No minimum order commitment.
  • Unsold Replacement.
  • Singles will be replaced.
  • Your Name on the website.
  • Referrals: All customer of your area on our website and App will be diverted to your address, this will help you to increase sales of your products.
  • A WSP will get more earning opportunities based on his/her performance.
  • Your name/contact in the Email and SMS marketing.
  • You will get new customers and extra business.
  • Free accounting and POS software.
  • Free Payment gateway: Accept payment online, through Dr./Cr. Cards and other wallets.
  • Credit Limit.
  • You can sell your other products on WD free of cost. (This will increase traffic on WD as varieties of product increases, also this is help to small and marginal artisans and craftsmen to sell their products which are of very high quality, when sellers got used to on selling on WD than commission can be charged, this is the link to E-Mandi)
  • Support in listing of products.